Martichoras Smite Build: Unleash the Ferocious Beast


Welcome to the exciting world of Smite, where gods and mythical creatures clash in epic battles. Among the diverse roster of playable characters, Martichoras stands out as a fearsome creature with incredible power. In this article, we will explore the optimal for Martichoras Smite build, helping you unleash its true potential and dominate the battleground.

Understanding Martichoras in Smite

What is Martichoras?

Martichoras is a legendary creature that finds its way into Smite, an action-packed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Drawing inspiration from mythology, Martichoras takes the form of a lion with additional traits such as wings and a scorpion-like tail. It excels in dealing heavy physical damage and possesses unique abilities that make it a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Abilities and Role in Smite

Martichoras boasts a set of abilities tailored for aggressive engagements. Its kit includes powerful melee attacks, crowd control, and self-sustain. With the ability to pounce on enemies and unleash devastating combos, Martichoras often fulfills the role of an assassin, eliminating vulnerable targets with swift precision.

Importance of a Well-Optimized Smite Build

A well-optimized build forms the foundation of success in Smite. It enhances your character’s strengths, compensates for weaknesses, and enables you to make a significant impact during matches. When it comes to Martichoras, choosing the right items, leveling abilities strategically, and understanding team composition are crucial for maximizing your effectiveness on the battlefield.

Key Factors to Consider in a Martichoras Smite Build

Itemization and Stat Prioritization

Selecting the appropriate items is essential for any Smite build, and Martichoras is no exception. Prioritize items that enhance physical power, penetration, and attack speed, empowering your abilities to deal devastating damage. Consider items like “Deathbringer,” “Executioner,” and “The Crusher” to bolster your offensive capabilities.

Ability Leveling Order

The order in which you level your abilities greatly impacts Martichoras’ effectiveness. Prioritize leveling your damaging abilities first, focusing on skills like “Pouncing Fury” and “Lion’s Roar.” These abilities provide burst damage and crowd control, allowing you to swiftly eliminate enemies or create opportunities for your team.

Synergy with Team Composition

Understanding how Martichoras synergizes with your team composition is vital. Coordinate with your allies to unleash devastating combinations, capitalizing on crowd control abilities and creating strategic opportunities for engagement. Martichoras can excel when paired with gods who can provide crowd control or setup and setup for Martichoras’ aggressive plays.

Recommended Martichoras Smite Build

Core Items

  1. Warrior Tabi: This item provides bonus physical power and movement speed, enhancing Martichoras’ overall damage output and mobility.
  2. The Executioner: This item grants bonus attack speed and penetration, allowing Martichoras to shred through enemy defenses with ease.
  3. Deathbringer: With this item, Martichoras’ critical hits will deal increased damage, making it a fearsome threat in combat.
  4. Hydra’s Lament: Hydra’s Lament provides cooldown reduction and bonus damage after using an ability, amplifying Martichoras’ burst potential.

Situational Items

  1. Magi’s Cloak: When facing heavy crowd control from the enemy team, Magi’s Cloak provides a valuable shield that can prevent Martichoras from being locked down.
  2. The Crusher: This item is ideal when facing enemies with high health pools. It provides bonus attack speed, penetration, and a passive effect that deals additional damage to objectives.
  3. Titan’s Bane: When encountering enemies with significant amounts of physical protection, Titan’s Bane becomes essential, as it provides percentage-based penetration.
  4. Mantle of Discord: Offering a combination of defensive stats and a crowd control passive, Mantle of Discord ensures Martichoras can withstand burst damage and counter-engage effectively.

Playstyle and Strategy Tips

To maximize Martichoras’ potential, focus on the following playstyle and strategy tips:

  1. Aggressive Engagements: Martichoras excels in quick and decisive engagements. Look for opportunities to pounce on squishy targets, utilizing your burst damage and crowd control abilities to secure kills.
  2. Target Selection: Prioritize high-priority targets such as enemy carries or mages. Eliminating them quickly can significantly tilt team fights in your favor.
  3. Positioning: Pay close attention to your positioning in team fights. Avoid becoming isolated and vulnerable to enemy focus fire. Stay close to your team and capitalize on opportunities created by crowd control from your allies.
  4. Map Awareness: Keep an eye on the minimap and communicate with your team to coordinate ganks, rotations, and objective control. Martichoras can swiftly move around the map, making it a valuable asset in securing objectives like the Gold Fury and Fire Giant.
  5. Utilize Combos: Experiment with different ability combinations to maximize damage output. For example, using “Pouncing Fury” to initiate, followed by “Lion’s Roar” to stun enemies, and then utilizing basic attacks with the bonus damage from “Hydra’s Lament.”

Advanced Techniques for Maximizing Martichoras’ Potential

To truly excel with Martichoras, consider incorporating these advanced techniques into your gameplay:

  1. Animation Canceling: Learn to cancel the animation of Martichoras’ abilities with basic attacks to increase overall damage output.
  2. Juke and Outplay: Utilize Martichoras’ mobility to juke incoming attacks and outplay opponents. Practice precise timing and movement to dodge crucial abilities.
  3. Split Pushing: Martichoras possesses the ability to clear waves quickly. Take advantage of this by split pushing in the late game, pressuring multiple lanes and forcing the enemy team to respond, creating opportunities for your team to secure objectives elsewhere.

Testing and Tweaking Your Build

Building the perfect Martichoras Smite build may require some experimentation and adjustments based on your playstyle and the specific match dynamics. Test different item combinations and adjust your ability leveling order to find the optimal build that suits your preferences and the current game situation. Pay attention to your performance in matches, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your build, and make necessary tweaks accordingly.


Martichoras is a formidable force in Smite, capable of wreaking havoc on the battlefield with its aggressive playstyle and devastating abilities. By following the recommended Martichoras Smite build, focusing on itemization, ability leveling, and team synergy, you can harness the true potential of this mythical creature and dominate your opponents. Remember to adapt your build and playstyle based on the specific game circumstances and continue to refine your strategies to become an unstoppable force with Martichoras.


  1. Q: Can Martichoras be played in any role in Smite? A: While Martichoras is primarily played as an assassin, it can also be flexed into the jungle role due to its high burst damage and mobility.
  2. Q: Are there any specific gods that synergize well with Martichoras? A: Gods with crowd control abilities, such as Athena, Ymir, or Ares, can create opportunities for Martichoras to engage and deal massive damage.
  3. Q: Is it important to focus on leveling damaging abilities first? A: Yes, prioritizing damaging abilities like “Pouncing Fury” and “Lion’s Roar” allows Martichoras to maximize its burst potential and secure kills.
  4. Q: How can I improve my positioning with Martichoras? A: Stay close to your team and position yourself to flank or dive onto high-priority targets. Be mindful of enemy crowd control and potential threats to avoid getting caught out.
  5. Q: Should I always follow the recommended build, or can I make adjustments? A: The recommended build serves as a foundation, but feel free to make adjustments based on the game situation and your personal playstyle. Adaptability is key to success in Smite.

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